Monday, October 17, 2016

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Some new beads and a matched pair of genuine jet heart cabs that we  just made.  Top left and 
middle row are pyrite.  Bottom row is a pierced lingam from India, Tanzanian Sunstone, Titanium coating on Druzy Quartz, and Purpurite.  

See all these pieces in my DVHdesignsLAPIDARY store n Etsy.  I also have bargain auctions closing in my eBay store on Sunday evening.   Links to all my sales sites are on my website along with a link to sign up for my mailing list!  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fossil focal beads from my Tucson trip!

Howdy folks!  When I was in Tucson last February I made an effort to look for very cool, rare, and unique elements that I could bring back to my studio and drill to make unusual, one of a kind focal beads and matched pairs.  In every case I sorted through hundreds of pieces to get just a few dozen pieces total that were good enough quality to be beadified by drilling here at DVHdesigns!

 In the image here you see carnelian colored agatized fossil snails, iridescent ammonites, and a funky agatized fossil pine cone.  Agatized fossils have been petrified, i.e. replaced by quartz, in agate form.  Most fossils are much softer, sedimentary stones like the ammonites.  The iridescent surfaces in the ammonites is the fossilized nacre of the shells!  I'm pretty sure all are from Morocco or somewhere nearby in NW Africa.   These and more like them are available in my DVHdesigns store on Etsy and there are some in my my Sunday bargain auctions on eBay as well!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New lapidary work by me and my apprentice in our eBay stores bargain auctions closing soon.  TOP:  Mookaite, Firecracker Obsidian, Print Stone, Chrysocolla, Lingam from India.  BOTTOM:  Firecracker Obsidian, Snakeskin Jasper, Mookaite, Tiger Iron, Dendritic Sonora, Dendritic Sonora.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

According to this article link, black on black is back in black!  Looks like it's time for me to make some more jet beads, cut some black druzy quartz, psilomelane, black onyx, and who knows what else.  Do you have any pics to share of black on black jewelry or fashion?  This pic is of a black jet mourning heart I made with a tube set genuine black diamond in 14k gold.!_7PamelaFromanPFFJ_BlackDiamLeatherWrapBR

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Completely natural colors!  New work I've done in "Bumble Bee" a travertine (NOT a jasper) that is mined from a hot springs fumarole at the base of a volcano in Java.  Most of this material has alternating dark stripes in it, hence the name.  I got one small chunk of this all yellow material that has touches of orange orpiment in it.  The yellow comes from sulfur in the water that deposits the layers of travertine in the fumarole.

Friday, July 26, 2013

DVH cuts NEW K2 Blue Jasper, an Orbicular Azurite "Poppy" Granite from Pakistan!

Hey folks!  I haven't posted here in a long time but I keep busy in my lapidary studio.   I think the last time I posted my favorite new stone was Bumble Bee jasper from Java.   I still love that but I'm out of rough for now and my NEW favorite stone is this lovely material that the Pakistani exporter and the American importer of the rough have decided to call "K2 Blue Jasper".     There are very fine micro fissures within the mineral makeup of this granite (it's not a jasper) so that a polished fininsh would look a little mottled.  Thus I have been leaving these with a super satinny, fine, matte finish which feels wonderful!  
Here's some pieces I have recently finished and some are in my DVHdesigns Etsy store...
This new blue orbicular granite  is completely NATURAL and UNTREATED! This material is from Pakistan and the blue spots are from azurite inclusions.   It gets the "K2" in it's named because it's mined within sight of that mountain, the second highest in the world.   I'm not sure why they call it a jasper when it is clearly a granite (and they know this). They say they have had it tested and the blue orbs are azurite and not lazulite or another blue mineral. A true one of a kind. The indigo blue dots are like Himalayan poppies!  Many stones that have orbicular inclusions are called "poppy jasper" but I have never seen a "poppy granite."   Some of these stones have VERY faint lines of light green in them which is malachite (often assoicated with azurite) 
I've got a few cabs done and am working on more that have a "natural face" and will post pics of those next week!  
And here's some more beads...
You won't find any other pieces like this on eBay or Etsy!  

For those interested, here is some metaphysical information on Granite from the book Love Is In The Earth by Melody, ""Granite can be used to enable one to “see the big picture” instead of being in the mind-set to “see the puddle, when there is an ocean awaiting.” It helps to banish the negative traits of skeptism and to train the user in the difference between beliefs and “knowing”. It helps one to maintain balance in relationships and cooperative efforts, facilitating diplomacy and discretion in all matters, while eliminating negativity with ease. It has been revered as a “sacred, magical stone”, affording protection and increase to the user. It has been reported that Granite also brings an increase in money; the mineral inducing recognition of, and generous overtures to, the user while allowing for continuity in modesty by the user. Granite can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with hair, face and head. Astrological Sign of Libra -Vibrates to the number 2"

This stone would also have the metaphysical properties of azurite, and here is some information on that subject that I found on the Shimmerlings website, which is a good resource for such information....

"It is a beautiful deep blue stone that awakens the third eye, increases contact with your spiritual guides and heightens your psychic awareness....The name azurite comes from the Persian work lazhaward meaning blue, it is often used in jewelry and also collected as a beautiful mineral specimen....Azurite is called the "stone of heaven" as it is said to aid in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and guides you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences....It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily, as well as enhancing prophesy and divination. Azurite can help control the flow of energy and bring just the right amount of it to any situation.....Azurite enhances creativity, as well as inspiration and intuition. It aids in building confidence as spiritual cleansing. It is quite useful when studying for exams as it helps one to retain information."
Thanks for letting me share my work and I hope everyone is having a great Summer!  

David V. Horste
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